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Client Letters

2024 07 The Iceberg Thumbnail

2024 07 The Iceberg

A brief recap of our quarter in review, alongside some key notes regarding our investment philosophy and what the future holds for technology, AI, and the impact it holds on investors.

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2024 04 Comfortably Numb Thumbnail

2024 04 Comfortably Numb

There was a summer in my youth when I listened to the Pink Floyd album The Wall on an endless loop. Despite being 80 minutes long and having 26 tracks, by the end of that summer, I knew every word by heart.

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Winter Is Coming Thumbnail

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming... this past year has brought us inflation, speculation about a recession, and a full-fledged bear market. The only thing that's been certain is the uncertainty of it all. Let's wrap up the year discussing the definition of a recession, the Fed's bottom line, and how we should prepare our portfolios for when winter does come.

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2022 10 21 October Letter to Clients Thumbnail

2022 10 21 October Letter to Clients

Heading into the fall and winter seasons, we should recap a little over recent market behavior, so we can be prepared for what's ahead. As we near the year's end, let's dive into the much-needed conversations surrounding bear market history and inflation vs. recession.

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